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“In Transit”, Finally!! Online

This project started as one accidentally gorgeous moment that was caught on a FlipCam along I-5 en route from Salem, OR back to Eugene. After catching that clip, I started collecting footage of my travels along the I-5 Corridor and integrated them together alongside the memories, emotions, and people who have inspired me to create this project.

This is my first short film, ten minutes in length, and has had a tumultuous history. When it was supposed to show as part of a collective presentation of student work on the big screen at the Bijou Cinemas in Eugene, my DVD was burned in the wrong format for screening and couldn’t be shown. Two hours before presenting at the Subversion Gallery (a.k.a. my friend Brenna’s basement), my hard drive crashed and I lost the video in its entirety. It seemed like “In Transit” was never meant for anyone’s eyes but my own, until it was recovered by my computer genius roommate Nathan, just in time to squeak it into Brenna’s projector that evening. In the recovery from the hard drive crash, some of the HD quality of the film was lost, and consequently there are some pixelations and low-fi quirks that were never meant to be that have now become part of the art (hehe, that rhymes!).

Anyways, I suppose I should just let the video speak for itself and mean what it does to the individual viewer. But for me, this project is all about memories and revelations gathered and formed whilst between here and there. Thanks for checking it out!