Hooray for Birthdays!

This year, I found myself graced with the most beautiful and love-filled birthday that anyone could ever ask for. I have reached twenty one years of age, hoorah! Everyone was so kind and adoring throughout the entire weekend, which spanned Thursday to Sunday.

On the evening of my actual birthday (Friday), I celebrated a sweet victory with the Oregon Voice Dirty Dozen in a Dance-Off battle of epic proportions against Ethos Magazine:

Above: The poster Courtney and I made for the Dance-Off/Annual OV 420 Party.

Above: Deirdre goes ballet-istic on Ethos.

(Photos courtesy of Ethos/CTRL+Shift+4 Screenshot Method)

The Oregon Voice Dirty Dozen

(Photo courtesy of Ethos/CTRL+Shift+4 Screenshot Method)

Sweet Victory. (L to R) OV Editor-In-Chief Scot Braswell, myself, and Tyler Pell

Facebook smack-talk.

Oddly enough, after the Dance-Off, Noah realized that the Voice box by the library was mysteriously broken, when it had been perfectly intact earlier that day. Who would do such a thing? We’re not pointing any fingers… but Noah and I scoped it out the next morning…


(Also, check out Noah’s fresh dance-off haircut, it was the first I’ve ever given.)

After the success of the Dance-Off, I retired my weary and booze-soaked bones to bed. The birthday weekend was only just beginning, after all. Local bands On the Tundra and The Secret Whistle came out to play, as well as good friends the Daveys who drove down from PDX, though due to some police interference were only able to play an acoustic set. On the Tundra played in the backyard with a subtle glowing ambiance generated by a fire in the BBQ pit and one measly house lamp. They played SO loud and it absolutely rocked. The police said that the music could be heard all throughout the Whiteaker neighborhood (whoops…).  Needless to say, we moved it inside for Max and Sam’s acoustic set and Secret Whistle.

Tons of people showed up, and consequently all good people who heard

word of mouth or by paper invitation. Wow, people actually heard about parties before Facebook?

A from-scratch and delicious cake that Noah, Guilia and Gina brought for the potluck. Wow.

They sang me happy birthday with 21 matches in place of candles. Such ingenuity…

the fact that they barely worked was oh so charming.

Half a plate of Mara and Maxx’s extra-special chocolate-and-caramel-glazed shortbread. Note the “C” heart-shaped one for me in the middle. How thoughtful! To the right is a tin foil and rose Rogue from the lovely Brenna.

And on top of it, look how many people “remembered” that it was my birthday!!! Kudos to those who called and vocally pronounced their birthday greetings. Honorable mention goes to my friend Kenny, whom I met only once at an Animal Collective show in Brooklyn, who called me to wish me a good one. What a guy.

All around, the birthday weekend was a daring success. My friend Meg took me out for lunch today at the Cornucopia, where the waitress had the bluegrass band playing/the entire restaurant sing me a happy birthday. Apparently, when you turn 21 your birthday lasts a lot longer. She gave us free Hemp Ale, drink tokens, and a pendant that she made herself. So beautiful, the love I have felt in this community is out of control. Thanks to all who made this weekend so memorable and lovely, and I will post more pictures soon… When our photographer C gets back into town the Oregon Voice should have a nice spread from the Dance Off. So keep your eyes peeled.

Also, to read Ethos’s account of the Dance-Off, and read a slightly inaccurate but nonetheless hilarious quote from yours truly, check it out here: “Let’s Dance! Oregon Voice vs. Ethos Magazine Dance-Off”


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