Winter Retrospective in Snapshots

Here are some snapshots of the last few months, a little peek through my eyes (and a few from some other eyes, too) of life’s travels through Eugene, San Francisco, a friend’s 4000 acre property in Northern California, and New York City. 

(L to R) Tara and Johnny.

J-Ranch,Middletown, CA.

Words cannot describe the surrealistic beauty

that surrounds that place…Disposable 35mm.

Walter Cron-Cat, up to no good as usual. Disposable Kodak 35mm.

Early morning hours of a Brooklyny-New Years Eve,

Zack’s apartment in Bushwick, right before a long subway

ride for a 3:30am falafel at Mamouns. Holga SF120

Graced with a beautiful week, both in climate and company,

Sarah  visited Eugene after a five day train ride across

the country. Radical. Disposable Kodak 35mm.

(L to R) Stephen, Lyzi, and Jeff in San Francisco over

Spring Break. Just one of many magical afternoons.

Disposable Kodak 35mm.

Weird double-exposure from the first ever roll of Holga.

It’s Bryan, doesn’t it look like him? Holga SF120.

(L to R) Jeff, Javier, Cooper, a new friend whose name

escapes me, Me busting a move, Bryan. Before the

San Francisco screening of the Animal Collective

visual album ODDSAC. Photo cred. Stephen.

Disposable Kodak 35mm.

(L to R) Stephen, Javier, Jeff, Alex, Me, Cooper

An interesting turn of events led me to meet the boys

at Zeitgeist, a sweet bar in the Mission, where no photos

are supposed to be taken. (see no photo stencil on back

wall.) How devious and touristy! Photo cred. Guy at the Bar,

Disposable Kodak 35mm.

Thank you sunshine for coming out… once in a while.

Disposable Kodak 35mm

Through the basement cat-door at my Dad’s house.

This is Mara, she was visiting me in NYC from

Oregon over the non-denominational holiday break.

First roll of Holga SF120 ever.


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