Cyndi Lauper, Finally On My Turf

Finally, Cyndi Lauper and the gang made it out to see me. Rather, after years of seeing my dad play drums with Cyndi, Cyndi did it big up in Oregon. The show was at Spirit Mountain Casino, and it wasn’t the best of venues. Our palettes were not wet enough to dance properly, as there were strict beverage consumption rules in place that forbid us from bringing drinks inside. It’s been interesting to watch the band play over the years and observe how they grow and change together, experiment with new arrangements and cover old favorites I would never expect. Last summer, it was Joni Mitchell. This time around, it was White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. Whew! So radical.

My dates to the show were my dear friends Stephen, Lyzi, and CJ, and let me tell ya, the crew could not have been better. We danced and shmoozed and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. CJ posted some insight on the show too which you can read by clicking here: “Observations Upon Meeting Cyndi Lauper”

Here’s some low-fi iPhone photos courtesy of my Dad:

From left to right: Sammy Merendino (my dad), Cyndi Lauper, me, Lyzi Diamond, Stephen Person, CJ Ciaramella

The first time me and my dad have ever been together in the state of Oregon. We are so happy, woohoo!


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