“We Are Not Afraid! (RYB)” Video Installation Opens at Laverne Krause Gallery

Hey folks! Today marks the final day of the 13 Conversations video art installation at the Laverne Krause Gallery. Over the last week, I have played with some footage that I took during the production and installation of the piece, which was created alongside Stephen Person, Paul Pederson, and Jack B. Friel. The piece is entitled “We Are Not Afraid! (RYB)” and was one of many installations created by the ART410/510 class at the University of Oregon, here in good ol’ Eugene. The video below is a mini-documentary of our production, particularly the struggles of opening day, and some footage of the piece itself. In later days, I will post a copy of the full main projection for your viewing pleasure.

I must admit that working with these folks and installing this piece has left me with a strong sense of pride and accomplishment, and I am thrilled to have worked with such creative and stimulated minds. I’d also like to send my deepest appreciations to Richard Herskowitz for first lighting my fire for experimental film, and Kartz Ucci for her instruction and dedication to her students.

Hope you like it!


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